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COVID-19 Update

Latest Update

3/11/21 - We are still here!  Yay!  We still have awful hours.  Boo!  At some point we’d like to think we will have normal hours again but it just isn’t happening right now.  School is still a bit wacky and with young children learning from home more often than not we are forced to keep hours that reflect this.  We don’t work in the bike shop during open hours as often as we do after hours and yet somehow,  we’re still a bit fried. Go figure. 

As of right now our store is open but wearing a mask (correctly!) is a requirement and we are trying to limit the number of people in the shop at a given moment to two people at a time. We are still happy to work outside and we have a doorbell on our back gate that you can ring and one of us will come out to help you.

Getting bikes this year is going to be a great struggle as demand is still higher than it has ever been and supply is low. We have hundreds of bikes on order but we’re only receiving them in drips and drabs.  We are told that things might start to improve on that front this summer and we sincerely hope that’s true because bike shops with no bikes are crappier than the ones with bikes.   Having said that, we do have bikes in stock!  Let us know if you’re looking for something and maybe we have it!  Oh, we do not have rental bikes right now because of the whole not having bikes thing.  Oh, getting bikes parts is tricky too but we have been stockpiling stuff all winter and we can still make some magic happen.

Please feel free to email us If you need anything.  We will try our hardest to accommodate you even if it means doing something wacky.  Unless it’s during school because then you’re probably out of luck.

We hope you all stay healthy!  We hope you all get outside!  And most of all we want you to know how much we appreciate you!  And also we’re raising our labor rates a bit but we can talk about that another time.

- Team Depot

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